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How much does data recovery cost in 2020

Updated on 07 01, 2020 | Tutorials

What will you do firstly if you accidentally delete important files? The common practice of most computer users is to check recycle bin and easily get files back. Of course, restoring your data is much easier if you make regular backup. But what if you empty recycle bin and don’t have any backup? Then, you’ll likely to ask local computer repair expert for help and they may sadly informs you that there’s nothing they can do. You need to take your device to a data recovery lab.

The first question that usually comes to mind is, “What is data recovery lab?”. The following question that you will ask is, “How much does data recovery cost?” Another proven way is to use a third-party software to recover your deleted files. It’s no wonder that you will compare the prices of data recovery utilities to ensure you can get the most cost-effective solution.

Next, we’ll show you some solutions to data recovery and help you to find a cost-effective solution.

data recovery cost

Solution to Data Recovery

One of data recovery solutions we discussed earlier is to seek help from specialized data recovery lab. They will firstly evaluate the condition and recoverability of your data regardless of time and complexity involved. Consequently, the price will vary depending on recovery time and expenses for parts and equipment.

Factors affect data recovery cost

There are plenty of factors that will affect the cost of data recovery service.

  1. Hourly expertise

The data recovery industry is highly competitive due to its small size and small talent pool. Data recovery professionals typically earn between $100 to $300 per hour in the US, depending on the engineer’s skill, location, educational background.

  1. Replacement parts

Some rare and very new models of hard drives require engineers to order donor parts. It means buying an entirely new hard drive.

  1. Research and development

A specialized data recovery lab has to invest a lot of time, effort and money in research and development, so as to remain competitive and effective.

  1. Turnaround time

Emergency data recovery can cost more because the engineer should put aside other projects and possibly work overtime.

  1. Travel

It may charge a fee if the professional was required to perform data recovery at the client’s location. The travel cost includes the professional’s time and transportation expenses related with going to and from the workplace.

Seeking help from specialized data recovery professionals can help you recover deleted files easily. Not surprisingly, data recovery lab charges from $100 to $1500 or higher as they have invested plenty of time, effort and money in it. Moreover, they are more professional than other data recovery services.

Using Data Recovery Software

Another preferable solution is to use a third-party data recovery software like RecoveryMaster. It’s an easy-to-use and reliable software that can help you restore important files from various storage devices easily and quickly. It’s applicable to various data loss scenarios such as accidentally deleted, virus attack, hard drive failure, system failure, etc.

There is a trial version of RecoveryMaster available for you to download and test out. It can recover 2M data for free. Moreover, it allows you to restore 100+ file formats, including images, videos, audios, emails, documents, etc. If you want to recover unlimited data, please active the software.

RecoveryMaster charge less than $100 for the standard or professional version, regardless of how much data you want to restore. Above all, you need to download and install the software. It only requires three steps to complete the recovery process. The first step is to select a location for scanning. You should identify where you have lost your files. Click loss scan button to continue. The second step is to select and preview the files to confirm its content. Finally, click on recovery button to get your deleted files back.

Only a few tens of dollars, you can enjoy lifetime data recovery service. So why not try to use data recovery software before seeking help from data recovery professionals?

Data Recovery Software

Comparison with Other Software

There is a wealth of data recovery software available for users to download and test out. Some software charge high fee although they are easy to operate while others are at lower price but they are so complicated that even professionals cannot operate correctly. Thus, you need to choose an easy-to-use solution to data recovery at lower price. Luckily, RecoveryMaster is the answer! You don’t have to pay extra for the software. You can choose the right plan for data recovery. Just purchase the software and active it with licensed email as well as activation code.


When choosing among data recovery utilities, pricing is one of the major factors. Obviously, everyone doesn’t want to pay extra for the same service. It’s desirable to get the most cost-effective solution to easily recover deleted files. As a result, using a third-party data recovery software like RecoveryMaster can help you achieve the goal.


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