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How to recover deleted files from memory card?

Updated on 07 21, 2020 | Tutorials

Memory cards comes in various types and is widely used to store digital information. It is commonly used in digital camera and mobile devices. This compact storage media allows users to exceed space constraints and is often an essential addition to devices with limited capacity. Using memory card increases the utility of your digital device and makes it easy to share pictures with others.

However, memory card is as vulnerable to data loss as other storage devices. They may get damaged or corrupted. In this article, we’ll discuss memory card recovery software to help you recover accidentally deleted files.

recover accidentally deleted files

Before we start

When facing with data loss, the first move is to make sure that the files have really been deleted from the memory card. Chances are that the files or folders you were looking for are still there and you just missed them for some reasons. You can use the following methods to check whether the files have been deleted.

The first method is to use the search facility on whatever device the card was connected to when the files apparently disappeared. Those digital devices have the capacity to search the data in its storage. You need to take the time to go through the files on your device. It’s possible that you just missed the file previously or it was under a different name.

The second method is to enable hidden files to be displayed by your operating system. Chances are that your memory card is hidden by a virus and the OS may not be able to see the files. Thus, you need to make them visible again. The specific details depends on your machine and operating system.

The third method is to clean the memory card that has been affected by malware or viruses. You can scan the memory card with a virus removal tool to identify any malware. Let the software remove the offending program and try to view the files again.

Finally, you should make sure that the files are truly deleted and memory card doesn’t get corrupted. Signs of damage to your card include: read and write failure, black screen on the device that contains the card, and the card is not recognized by your operating system.

If these solutions don’t work and you cannot access to your files, please proceed to the next step to recover deleted files from memory card.

Recover Deleted Files Using Software

If you lose data on memory card, the best course of action is to stop using the device immediately. The more you use the memory card, the higher the chance of your deleted or lost data being overwritten. Next, you need to choose a reliable memory card recovery software to get your files back.

Memory card recovery software provides a reliable solution that you can recover deleted files from memory card. When a file is deleted or lost, the operating system cannot access the data. It will mark the space as available for use. But until the deleted file is overwritten, it’s still possible to recover it with the right software.

Take a specific example, RecoveryMaster is the right tool for recovering deleted files from memory card. It allows you to recover files from different types of memory cards, including SD card, MMC, MiniSD card, MicroSD card and more. Only a few clicks, you can bring your deleted files back from memory card.

Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

Step1. Connect the memory card to your computer and launch RecoveryMaster software.

Step2. Select the memory card and click “Loss Scan” to continue

Step3. Select and preview the found files

Step4. Click Recover to get your deleted files back and restore them to a secure location

Quick Scan

With advanced algorithms, RecoveryMaster can complete a quick scanning process in a few seconds in most data recovery situations. Furthermore, during scanning process, you can pause, save and resume scan.

Preview Supported

RecoveryMaster allows you to preview the found files before recovery. It assure you actual recovery.


Memory card recovery software accesses your data through Read Only and won’t damage your data. Besides that, RecoveryMaster can protect your computer from virus attack.


When a file is lost or deleted, you need to ensure that the files have really been deleted from memory card. If you ensure that the files is truly deleted, you can a memory card recovery software to get your file back. Thankfully, RecoveryMaster can recover your deleted files from various types of memory card.



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