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How to recover deleted files in Windows 10?

Updated on 07 17, 2020 | Tutorials

Imagine a scenario where you sit at your desk with a cup of coffee, having a very productive day with your Windows laptop. At this time, you accidentally upset the cup of coffee over the computer. It’s really a disaster as it may damage the hardware and influence the files. Another possible situation is that you are distracted by a phone call but continue to work. As you refocus on your work, you realize that you have accidentally deleted an important file from your computer. What will you do to make up the loss?

Actually, regardless of the circumstances in which the files were deleted, there are still several ways to recover them from Windows computer. In this article, we’ll show you three possible solutions to recover deleted files in Windows 10.

recover deleted files in Windows 10

Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

Before we head to data recovery part, it’s important that you should stop using the system immediately. It can help increase your chances of recovering the files. When you delete the files, the storage space will be marked as available for use. The files will keep intact for a limited time and they can be recovered. However, using your computer can create files and your deleted files will get overwritten by new data. Thus, please stop using the system immediately.

In this case, there are three possible ways to recover deleted file in Windows 10.  Depending on how and when the deletion occurred, you can recover deleted files using built-in recovery tool, restore them from recycle bin or use data recovery software. They will be described in details below.

Solution 1: Recover deleted files free from Recycle Bin

You may delete a file by right clicking on its icon and choosing delete from the pop-up menu. Furthermore, it’s possible that you simply press the Delete key to delete files or drag files to the recycle bin accidentally. In such cases, you can restore deleted files from recycle bin easily.

Step 1. Double-click on the Recycle Bin icon

Step 2. Locate the files you want to restore

Step 3. Right click on the files and select the Restore option.

After restoration, the files will return to its original directory with their original names and extensions. Apart from this, you can directly drag them out of the recycle bin.

Solution 2: Recover deleted files with Data Recovery Software

If the deleted files aren’t in the recycle bin but you want to restore removed files on Windows 10, you can use a third-party data recovery software. RecoveryMaster can help you effortlessly recover deleted files in Windows 10. It supports hundreds of file formats and various storage devices. It’s also applicable to any data loss situations such as accidentally deletion, formatting, virus attack, hard drive failure and much more.

Above all, you should download and install the RecoveryMaster following the instructions. The first step is to select a location where you have lost your files. Then, click on Loss Scan button to continue.

Loss Scan your files

The second step is to select and preview the files to confirm its content after scanning process finishes.

preview the files

The third step is to click on Recover button to bring your deleted files back. You need to save them to another location so as to avoid losing them again.

Recover your deleted files

Solution 3: Restore Deleted Files free from the Previous Version

If you finally empty the recycle bin or the files you deleted aren’t in the recycle bin, y or you don’t wan to use data recovery software, you can recover an older version of the deleted files. It’s a free backup and recovery feature built into Windows.

First of all, you can open the folder that used to store the deleted file and click the “History” button. Secondly, File History will display all the files contained in the most recent backup of that folder. Finally, click on the “Previous” button to locate and select the file you want to restore, the click the Restore button to bring it back.

Benefits of Using RecoveryMaster Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

There are plenty of data recovery software available for users to download and test out. Some of them can recover data easily but charge high fee. Some are so complicated that even professionals cannot operate correctly even if they are at lower price. The best proven way is to provide the most cost-effective way to recover data easily. Luckily, RecoveryMaster is one of the best solutions to data recovery.

It doesn’t require technical skill and it’s suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can easily retrieve data with the help of RecoveryMaster. What’s more, there is a free trail version available for you. It can recover 2M data from various storage device for free. If you want to recover unlimited data, please activate the software.

To Sum Up

We believe that you have learned effective methods to recover deleted files in Windows 10. You can check the Recycle bin, use the data recovery software or restore from previous version. However, it’s much easier to back up files in advance than try to recover it after it is lost or deleted. We suggest that you make regular backup of important files. If you doesn’t have any backup, you can use a reliable and professional data recovery software for Windows 10. Download and use RecoveryMaster to get back your lost, formatted, deleted files on Windows 10.



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