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How to recover deleted powerpoint on my laptop?

Updated on 08 05, 2020 | Tutorials

Suppose you are preparing an presentation for an important meeting at your office. Disaster happens the next morning as you go present it. The powerpoint is gone. You frantically search for it on your laptop only to find that your precious powerpoint presentation is gone. What if this happens to you? It’s certain that losing important file can frustrate and annoy you. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to learn about the possible causes and effective ways to recover deleted powerpoint on your laptop.

recover deleted powerpoint

Reasons for powerpoint deletion

Powerpoint is a common tool used to create a presentation. However, you sometimes happen to accidentally delete the file or lose it due to a sudden program crash. Here are some reasons for powerpoint deletion:

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Improper powerpoint exit
  • Virus attack
  • Sudden system crash
  • Sudden power failure
  • MS Office corruption

How to recover deleted powerpoint on my laptop?

It’s not uncommon that we get important file deleted or lost. Fortunately, it is not as challenging as it seems. There are several feasible solutions that help recover deleted powerpoint on your laptop.

Recover from recycle bin

The most common way to recover deleted powerpoint is to check recycle bin. You just need to open the recycle bin, search for the desired file, right click on it and click Restore to get files back. Or you can drag the file out of the recycle bin directly.

Recover deleted powerpoint using data recovery software

If the powerpoint file you are searching for is not in the recycle bin, you can opt for a reliable laptop data recovery software. There is plenty of tools available in the online marketplace. Thus, it’s confusing and difficult to choose once as you cannot check each solution. To assist you in making right decision, we bring forth the most demanded and used data recovery software Data Recovery Master.

Its powerful scanning modules, high recovery quality, efficient search features make it stand out from the competition. It is available for Windows 7/8/10 and you can download it to recover data for free. If you need to recover more data, you can upgrade to RecoveryMaster standard version for unlimited recovery. To recover deleted powerpoint files with Data Recovery Master:

Step 1. Launch RecoveryMaster software and select the drive where you lost the powerpoint file. Click the “Scan” button.

data recovery software

Step 2. Wait for the scanning process, select and preview the file you want to recover. You can filter specific file type to quickly access the powerpoint files. Once scanning process completed, you can preview the files before recovery.

data recovery software

Step 3. Click “Recover” to get powerpoint files back and save them to new location

This software allows you to recover deleted powerpoint on laptop with a few clicks. It’s also available for you to restore ppowerpoint files from various storage devices like hard drive, USB drive, recycle bin, memory card, HDD/SDD, etc.

Bonus: How to restore unsaved powerpoint on laptop?

It’s possible that your computer unexpectedly shut down or power went out but you forgot to save the powerpoint file. However, there is no need to panic as you can try some manual methods to restore unsaved powerpoint files on laptop.

Restore unsaved powerpoint from temporary file

When we start a file, it creates a temporary file for that file. You can easily retrieve unsaved powerpoint from temporary file. To recover unsaved powerpoint file, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the powerpoint and click “File” tab

Step 2. Choose Open, in the recent section, click “Recover unsaved presentations” at the bottom

Recover unsaved presentations

Step 3. The saved draft folder will open and you can double-click on any file to open it.

Step 4. Simply save the file you need

Free Restore unsaved powerpoint from AutoRecover

Alternatively, you can successfully restore unsaved powerpoint by using AutoRecover feature. Please make sure that you have activated this feature before powerpoint deletion. Steps to restore unsaved powerpoint are as follows:

Step 1. Open powerpoint

Step 2. Click “File” tab and select File > Options > Save

Step 3. Copy the path next to “AutoRecover file location”

Step 4. Open Windows File Explorer, paste the copied file destination path

Step 5. Hit Enter and you’ll see a folder named “Presentation”

Step 6. Open the folder and find your unsaved powerpoint file

Step 7. Open it with powerpoint and save it to another secure location


Most computer users have experienced powerpoint deletion or loss. When such a scenario happens, the only thing to consider is its recovery. When it comes to recover deleted powerpoint on laptop, it’s much easier for you to restore from recycle bin. It’s highly suggested to use a professional and reliable data recovery software like Data RecoveryMaster in the event of emptied recycle bin. It’s certain that this software can successfully recover deleted powerpoint on laptop without any hassle.



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