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How to recover memory card data?

Updated on 08 28, 2020 | Tutorials

Memory card can be used to store photos, videos, important documents and other information. Although small in size, it can contain a impressive amount of information. However, there is the possibility that at some time you will need to recover data from memory card. You might accidentally delete data or format the memory card, making it impossible to access your data. Thus, we’ll show you feasible ways to recover memory card data.

recover data from memory card

Cause of memory card data loss

There can be many reasons why data get lost on memory card. You should be careful and prevent these issues from happening on your card.

  • Accidental deletion
  • Memory card formatting
  • Virus & malware infection
  • Memory card damage
  • Human error

How to recover data from memory card?

Before performing data recovery, it’s advisable to stop using the memory card. Please do not create, delete or add any data to the memory card. The more you continue writing to the memory card, the harder it’s going to be recover what’s there. Data recovery software makes use of this fact to get back your data.

The market features varieties of data recovery software so that you can pick the one matters to you. Some are free of charge and limited to certain file formats, while others charge high fees and recover all formats. The best way is to avail yourself of some high quality data recovery software such as RecoveryMaster. It can recover all file formats and provides users with a free trial version for the first attempt. Let’s take a closer look at how easy it is to use this data recovery tool to recover memory card data.

This fantastic tool enables you to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from memory card in simple steps. Its intuitive interface will guide you through speific steps to recover memory card data. You’ll be able to recover various types of memory card, including SD card, MMC, MiniSD card, MicroSD card and more. Moreover, you can recover various file types like graphic, video, audio, document, etc.  It fully supports Windows 7, 8, 10.

Users can first opt for the free trial version of RecoveryMaster. It allows you to preview recoverable data and recover data for free, without upgrading to the standard version. Follow the steps to recover memory card data on Windows:

Step 1. Download and install RecoveryMaster

Step 2. Connect the memory card to your computer and launch RecoveryMaster

Step 3. Select the memory card and click Scan to proceed

scan memory card

Step 4. Select and preview the data you wish to recover

recover memory card

Step 5. Click Recover to get data back and save them to another secure location

get data back

Benefits of using data recovery software

The advanced scanning algorithms, security, ease of use and performance make RecoveryMaster the ideal choice of data recovery. It is also capable of recovering data from other storage devices such as USB drive, HDD/SSD, digital camera, hard drive, etc. It’s applicable to any data loss situations like accidental deletion, hard drive failure, system crash, virus attack, partition loss, etc. This software accesses your data through read-only without causing secondary damage. Thus, you can use it to recover memory card data without any worries.

Tips to protect data on memory card

It’s not a tough job to recover data from memory card anymore. However, you are supposed to take some precautions to prevent data loss on memory card because nothing is guaranteed during data recovery process. Here are some tips you should pay attention to:

  • Take regular backup of important data stored on memory card. You can transfer your data to your computer or to the cloud as a backup.
  • Run virus cleaner software
  • Remove the memory card safely
  • Change memory card after a certain period of time
  • Think twice before deleting data


There is no need to panic when you encounter data loss on memory card. A reliable and professional data recovery software like RecoveryMaster helps you recover memory card data with a few clicks. No expertise is required during data recovery process. To avail the benefits of RecoveryMaster, you can download its free trial and give it a try!



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