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How to recover my deleted files on my desktop?

Updated on 08 05, 2020 | Tutorials

Accidental data loss is a very common disaster that can happen to almost everyone. It can be valuable data, precious photos, study materials, business documents and many things that we can never afford to lose. When data loss happens, the only point to consider is to get deleted files back. Thankfully, there are several feasible solutions that help recover deleted files on desktop. Here, we will walk you through the specific steps to recover files.

get deleted files back

Is it possible to recover deleted files on desktop?

Once you delete a file, it will be moved to the recycle bin. The system just removes its reference and mark its space as available for new data. The file become inaccessible and invisible but will keep intact for a limited time. As long as the file is not overwritten by new data, you still can recover deleted files on desktop. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is stop using the device immediately.

How to recover deleted files on Windows?

Data loss on Windows can occur in various ways. Keep calm if you encounter this situation. It’s still possible to get deleted files back. Here, we have gone through some possible ways to recover deleted files on Windows.

Recover deleted files from recycle bin

When a file gets deleted, it will go straight to the recycle bin where it stays until you empty the recycle bin. Just double-click the recycle bin icon and you can see all deleted files inside. If the file you are searching for is in the recycle bin, right-click on it and select restore to get it back. Or you can simply drag it back onto your desktop.

Recover deleted files from recycle bin

Recover deleted files from file history backup

If you don’t take any backup, hoping you have turned on File History Backup. It is an alternative to the Backup and Restore feature that was present in older version of Windows operating system. This feature allows you to recover permanently deleted files on Windows 10. Just follow the steps to recover deleted files.

Step 1. Open the start menu

Step 2. Type “restore files” in the search box and hit Enter

Step 3. Look for the folder that used to contain deleted files

Step4. Select the “Restore” to undelete files to their original location

Recover deleted files using Data Recovery Master

If you have tried the above mentioned methods and they don’t work for you, you need to turn to a reliable data recovery software like Data Recovery Master. This software employs advanced algorithm technology to thoroughly scan each storage unit of a physical hard drive. It is available for Windows 7/8/10 and you can make use of it to recover any data loss situations like partition loss, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack, etc. Furthermore, its clear and user-friendly interface simplifies the recovery process that allows you to recover deleted files on desktop with a few clicks.

Step 1. Select the disk where you lost files and click Scan button

Scan button

Step 2. Select and preview the files you want to recover

recover files

Step 3. Click Recover to bring deleted files back

deleted files

RecoveryMaster doesn’t require professional knowledge technical skills that even beginners can make use of it. Its free trial version enables you to fully test the application before any financial investment is required.

How to recover deleted files on Mac?

Most Mac users also experience data loss due to accidental deletion, system crash, hard drive failure or other unknown reasons. Don’t panic, there are several possible ways to recover deleted files on Mac. With any luck, you can use one of them to successfully restore files.

Recover deleted files from trash

When faced with data loss on Mac, the simplest way is to recover deleted files from trash. You just need to click the trash icon in the dock. Right-click on the file you wish to recover and choose Put Back. Or you can drag the file out of the trash directly.

recover deleted files from trash

Recover deleted files from time machine backup

What if nothing you want can be found in the trash? Is it gone permanently? Fortunately, you can recover deleted files from Time Machine Backup. Steps to restore deleted files on Mac are as follows:

Step1. Launch Time Machine by clicking on the icon located on the Mac’s menu bar, choosing Enter Time Machine or search for Time Machine using spotlight

Step2. Locate the files you wish to recover using the onscreen up and down arrows

Step3. Click restore button to restore deleted files and they will be returned to original location

Restore deleted files using RecoveryMaster

RecoveryMaster provides a risk-free mean for Mac users to recover deleted files on desktop. This software is available for Mac OS 10.15- 10.9. It enables you to recover all files types including document, audio, video, graphic,email, etc. It offers help with partition loss, accidental deletion, hard drive failure, system crash and much more. Just download its free trial version and successfully recover your deleted files. You just need to select the disk for scanning, select and preview the files you want to recover, and click recover to complete the recovery process.

To Sum Up

Now that you have learned effective methods on how to recover deleted files on desktop. When your files get deleted, be sure to look around it first. You can check the recycle bin or trash to drag the files back onto your desktop. Next, check your backups to restore files. You can enable File History on Windows or Time Machine on Mac to protect your files. If these methods don’t work, you need to use a professional data recovery software like Data Recovery Master that enables you to successfully recover deleted files on desktop. Free download it now and see how it can work for you.



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