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How to recover my pictures from reformatted laptop?

Updated on 08 21, 2020 | Tutorials

Imagine a real-life scenario where your laptop hard drive is corrupted due to some reasons and all the partitions are invisible. You have no choice but to reformat the laptop hard drive, which can lead to huge amount of data loss. The data can be precious pictures that capture every beautiful moment, important document and school presentation that you can never afford to lose. However, the only problem that laptop user may face is data loss due to reformatting the laptop, without taking backup. Don’t panic, you still can get lost pictures back. Go on reading and learn how to recover pictures from reformatted laptop

recover my pictures from reformatted laptop

Why reformat a storage device?

There are some scenarios where a storage device needs to be reformatted. You might have the old laptop that contains FAT file system, but now you want to convert to the NTFS file system as it offers high performance than FAT file system. To accomplish this task, you need to reformat your laptop hard drive. If you accidentally reformat hard drive without taking backup you will end up in losing valuable data. Selecting wrong partition or volume to be formatted also results in data loss from that partition. There are also other situations where you may accidentally format laptop. It’s possible that you format the hard drive due to virus attack, power surge or any other logical errors. However, as long as the file hasn’t been overwritten by new data, it’s still possible to recover it from reformatted laptop. Thus, you should stop using the laptop immediately to avoid overwriting the formatted data. You should neither install any software in it or save any new data into it.

How to recover pictures from reformatted laptop?

If you have been searching for an answer to reformatted laptop recovery, you have arrived at the right place. There are plenty of ways that make reformatted laptop recovery possible, but not all are equally efficient. One of the best ways that you cna recover pictures from reformatted laptop is to use data recovery software.

When it comes to data recovery software, RecpveryMaster can be a good option. Its advanced scanning algorithms, high recovery rate, performance make it the ideal choice of software to perform reformatted laptop recovery. This software allows you to recover pictures from drive with NTFS, FAT, exFAT, APFS, HFS+, HFS X file system. It can recover various file formats including GIF, JPG, JPEG, PSD, BMP and much more. It fully supports Windows 7, 8, 10. Steps to recover pictures from reformatted hard drive on Windows are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install the RecoveryMaster in any working computer’s hard drive and connect the formatted hard drive to it

Step 2. Launch RecoveryMaster, select the drive where you have lost pictures and click “Scan” to continue. You can pause and resume scans without waiting for the entire scanning process.

scan lost pictures

Step 3. Select and preview the picture that you wish to restore

Select picture

Step 4. Click “Recover” to get picture back and save it to another secure location

recover picture

Even beginners can use this tool without any hassle or be stuck at any point in time during the recovery process as its intuitive interface guides you through specific steps to recover pictures. This software is absolutely secure and can protect your computer from virus attack. It only accesses your data through Read Only without causing secondary damage.

Tips to avoid data loss

When you encounter any sign of hard drive failure, you should take backup of your important files as soon as possible. It’s much easier for you to recover data from backups. Moreover, you can use a surge protector to avoid data loss due to sudden power failure. One more precaution you can take is not to install any unauthorized third party application that harm your valuable data stored on the hard drive.


There are some situations where laptop users need to reformat the hard drive and then lose important data. There is no need to panic if you find yourself in this situation. You can try Data Recovery Master to retrieve your precious pictures from reformatted laptop. This software offers excellent results as well as simple operations.



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