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How to recover permanently deleted files in windows 10?

Updated on 07 23, 2020 | Tutorials

It’s a disaster when you accidentally delete an important file using the Shift + Delete shortcut in Windows. You may wonder whether it’s possible to recover deleted files. After all, digital data is an indispensable part in our life. Don’t worry, you still can recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10. Follow this guide and choose an appropriate way to get back your files.

recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10

Why does files get deleted permanently?

There are plenty of reasons why files can be deleted permanently in Windows 10. You should know the most common causes of permanent file loss:

  • Use the keyboard Del/Delete button
  • Click Shift + Delete key to permanently delete files
  • Empty the recycle bin accidentally or intentionally
  • Infection with virus or malware
  • Set not to move deleted files to recycle bin
  • Delete a file using the command line

Is it Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted File in Windows 10?

Fortunately, it’s still possible to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10. The key point to remember is to stop using the device immediately before recovery. Otherwise, data will get overwritten by new data and you can never recover your files. If this does not happen, you can recover permanently deleted files.

Actually, when you delete files, they are not cleared from your computer but still stored at the depth of your computer disk. The operating system marks these files as inaccessible data and they are waiting for new data to be overwritten on the disk. In such case, there are several ways to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

Restore Deleted Files without Any Software

There is no denying that most Windows users want to restore deleted files without any software. After all, they don’t want to waste time, effort or money on a software that they don’t know whether it will work. Thus, the following methods will be helpful.

Restore from Recycle Bin

Typically, when you delete a file in Windows, you use either Delete key or right-click on a file and choose Delete. The file will be removed to the recycle bin. Thus, you can check whether it’s included in the recycle bin and get it back.

Just double-click on the Recycle Bin icon. Then locate the files you wish to restore. Finally, right-click on the files and select restore. It’s much easier to get files back from the recycle bin.

Restore from Recycle Bin on windows

On the contrary, you may delete the files by using Shift + Delete key combination or empty the recycle bin. In such case, you can try the second method to bring back deleted files.

Recover Deleted Files Using Windows Backup

If you have a backup, you can check the recent backup and restore deleted files in Windows 10. To recover data from a backup, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to “System and Maintenance>Backup and Restore (Windows 7)”
  • Click “Restore my files” and follow the wizard to restore lost files

If “Restore my files’ isn’t visible, click “Select another backup to restore files from” and follow the restore wizard.

Restore from previous version

Apart from backup, you can recover deleted files in Windows 10 with File History. Before you try this method, you should make sure that you have set up File History to automatically back up files. Next, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Right-click on the folder that contained the permanently deleted files

Step 2. Click “Restore previous versions”.

Step 3. Select the desired files and click “Restore”

Recover Permanently Deleted Files Using Software

As you can see, modern software market provides a wealth of data recovery software. However, you may wonder which is the best one. Considering performance, security, scanning speed and compatibility with operating system, RecoveryMaster is a qualified candidate.

Data Recovery  Software for Windows comes with both a free download version and a paid version. It allows you to recover permanently deleted files from various storage devices like laptop, hard drive, USB drive, memory card and more. It fully supports Windows 7/8/10.

To recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10, you can follow these steps.

Step 1. Select the disk where you have lost files. Click Loss Scan button to continue

Step 2. Preview the selected files before recovery

Step 3. Click Recover to bring files back and save them to a new location

Recover Permanently Deleted Files Software for Windows 10

During scanning process, you can pause, save or resume scans. RecoveryMaster also offers 100% security and protect your computer from virus attack. Just follow the steps to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

Tips to Protect Your Data

Compared with spending time recovering from data loss events, it’s preferable to prevent the accidental deletion of data.

  • Take regular backup- Backing up your computer regularly can help protect your data. You can use the internal File History method to back up a Windows 10 machine to an external storage device.
  • Keep computer dust-free and dry- Excessive heat and high humidity will damage your hardware. You’d better keep your computer in a dust-free and dry area.
  • Minimize human interaction- Human error is one of leading causes of data loss. You’d better learn commonly used keyboard shortcuts, thus you won’t accidentally delete files by pressing Shift and Delete keyboard shortcut.


It’s impossible to totally avoid data loss. Most Windows users experienced permanent deleted files at one time or another. Using the data recovery software like RecoveryMaster can help easily recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10, even if you don’t have a backup or finally empty the recycle bin. We hope it will be helpful.



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