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How to recover unsaved word document?

Updated on 08 06, 2020 | Tutorials

If you are part-way through working and creating a Word document when the computer starts to crash and the application is closed accidentally, you are unable to continue working. It’s possible that the changes you made can be lost. It can be a stressful experience and you start digging into word document recovery. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has some built-in functions that help recover unsaved word document without any hassle. Just follow this guide to get your file back.

recover unsaved word document

Recover Unsaved Word Document from Temporary File

When you are working and creating a Word document, it was closed accidentally without saving. This situation happens to almost everyone, but keep calm, you can get back your unsaved word document from temporary file. Steps to recover unsaved word document are as follows:

Step 1. Click the File tab in the upper left

Step 2. Click Info > Manage Document button

Step 3. Select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop down list

Select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop down list

Step 4. A list of unsaved recoverable Word documents will be displayed in the dialog box. Select your file and click the open button.

Step 5. Open the Recovered Word Document and click Save As button in the top banner.

Recover Unsaved Word Document from AutoRecover

Another way to recover unsaved word document is by using AutoRecover. By default, Microsoft Word can autosave your files every several minutes. If you don’t save a word document, you can find the AutoRecover that Microsoft Word has saved for you.

Step1. Launch the Word, click File > Options > Save, and find the AutoRecover file location

Tips: You can change the time of automatically save a recoverable copy in “Save AutoRecover information every n minutes” and click OK.

Save AutoRecover

Step 2. Copy and paste the file path into File Explorer

Step 3. Go to the File Explorer, find the unsaved document and copy the .asd file.

Step 4. Open the Word, click File > Open > Recover Unsaved Documents at the bottom

Step 5. Paste the copied .asd file into the File Name box. Open the Word file recover it

Recover Unsaved Word Document with Document Recovery

When the computer suddenly crashed and the file hasn’t been saved. Just reopen the Word when your system is back online. The file would appear on the left side of Document Recovery. You can click the arrow next to the file and select open.


Recover Deleted Word Document from Recycle Bin

Another situation is that you search for a word document you know you saved but just can’t find it. Chances are that you delete the file by accident. Mostly, the deleted word documents on Windows will be moved to the recycle bin. You can open the recycle bin and check if the word file is still there. Next, right click the word file and click restore to get it back.

Recover Deleted Word Document Using RecoveryMaster

If you have emptied the recycle bin, the word file may have been permanently deleted. In such case, data recovery software like RecoveryMaster is the best way to locate, recover and access word document. RecoveryMaster is an easy-to-use and reliable program that scans the entire drive to locate the lost file and recover word document with a few clicks.

If you have lost word document due to accidental deletion, hard drive formatting, system errors, virus attack, RecoveryMaster can help you recover the file successfully. It is also available for recovering files from various storage devices like recycle bin, HDD/SDD, memory card, USB drive, laptop. etc. You can download its free trial version for the first attempt. Steps to recover deleted word document are as follows:

Step 1. Select a location where you have lost word document file and click scan


Step 2. Select and preview the file you want to recover

Step 3. Click recover to get file back and save it to another secure location

Bonus Tip

To avoid losing your word document when unexpected situations happen, you can save your files in OneDrive or use AutoSave to save your changes continuously. Or you can set up AutoRecover in your application. It acts as a extra safeguard, protecting your unsaved word document from crashes, power outages and human errors.

Step 1. Go to File > Options > Save

Step 2. Make sure the Save AutoRecover information every n minutes is selected

Step 3. Make sure the Keep the last autorecovered version if I close without saving box is selected

Final Thought

If you have ever lost some word documents by mistake and wanted to figure out a solution to recover unsaved or deleted word document, you can try the above mentioned methods to get your documents back. Just follow the step-by-step instruction to recover unsaved or deleted word document.



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