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How to retrieve downloaded files from computer?

Updated on 08 17, 2020 | Tutorials

What do you think would have happened if you suddenly stop the file sharing process? Or if you accidentally select all the files from download folder while trying to delete unwanted files? The bitter truth is that these improper operation can lead to files loss or deletion. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be discouraged, there are several feasible ways to retrieve downloaded files from computer.

downloaded files

Reasons behind Downloaded Files Loss

Downloaded files can be lost due to various reasons. You should get to know the reasons and decide which method to employ.

  • The entire C drive may get formatted during OS reinstallation process, leading to downloaded files deletion
  • Accidentally delete downloaded files
  • Abrupt halt to file sharing process using Cut Paste method

Solutions to Retrieve Downloaded Files from Computer

Various options are available when it comes to downloaded files recovery. If you find your downloaded files get deleted or lost, you can try the following steps:

Recover Downloaded Files from Recycle Bin

If your Chrome browser is installed in the default location, your downloaded files will be saved in Downloads folder in Windows PC. Once you delete the files accidentally or inadvertently, they will be moved to recycle bin. Thus, you can simply recover downloaded files from recycle bin:

Step 1. Open recycle bin, locate the deleted download files

Step 2. Right click on the downloaded files

Step 3. Choose “Restore” to get files back

recover downloaded files from recycle bin

The downloaded files will return to their original locations. You can check and find Chrome downloaded files in Downloads folder.

Recover Downloaded Files from Chrome Browser

If you deleted or removed the Chrome downloaded files from its local Downloads folder, you can resume the download process to get lost files back from Chrome browsers. Steps to recover downloaded files from Chrome Browser are as steps:

Step 1. Open Google, type: chrome://downloads and hit Enter

Recover Downloaded Files from Chrome Browser

Step 2. Locate the deleted files in the Download list

Step 3. Select the grayed out info-box which is marked as Deleted and click to re-download again.

Undo Deletion from the Downloads Folder

It’s much easier for you to quickly undo the deletion when you deleted downloaded files. Once you accidentally delete a downloaded file in the Downloads Folder, you can follow below steps to get files back.

Step 1. Stay in the Downloads folder on your PC

Step 2. Press Ctrl + Z to undo Chrome downloads deletion

Retrieve Downloaded Files with RecoveryMaster

If you want to find a reliable way to retrieve downloaded files, file recovery software can be a good option. Although the market features varieties of file recovery software, RecoveryMaster provides you with a cost-effective, safe and reliable solution to get files back. This well-rated software enables you to recover deleted or lost downloaded files from computer as well as other storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, SD card at a high recovery rate. It allows you to recover various file types including document, audio, video, email and graphic. It is available for Windows 7, 8, 10. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to retrieve downloaded files.

Step 1. Download and install RecoveryMaster

Step 2. Select the disk where you lost files and click “Scan” to continue


Step 3. Select and preview the file you want to recover

Step 4. Choose “Recover” to get downloaded files back

get downloaded files back

No expertise is required that even beginners can make use of it to recover lost files easily. RecoveryMaster is absolutely secure and can protect your compute from virus attack. Its read-only ability can read the lost and deleted files without modifying the existing contents. Therefore, you can download and use it without any worries.


When you find your downloaded files get deleted or lost, you can retrieve them from recycle bin, Chrome Browser or Downloads Folder. You just need to follow the steps to recover lost files. If the above method fails, you can use the most effective way – RecoveryMaster to retrieve downloaded files. Its advanced scanning algorithms, high recovery rate, simple steps make it stand out from the competition. Although file recovery process is not difficult with the help of RecoveryMaster, you are supposed to avoid saving recovered files on same location and backup important files to external storage media.



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