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Top 10 hard drive recovery software in 2020

Updated on 07 24, 2020 | Tutorials

All hope is seemingly lost if you accidentally delete important files. Fortunately, if you lost files due to a fail hard drive or accidentally delete them, a hard drive recovery software comes in handy. In this article, we’ll share top 10 hard drive recovery software with you.

hard drive recovery software

Common reasons of hard drive data loss

Data loss on internal or external hard drives occurs more frequently than you expect. The reasons of data loss are listed as follows:

  • You accidentally deleted a file or folder
  • The partition table gets corrupted or damaged
  • Some partitions have been formatted
  • A file becomes inaccessible due to virus attack or virus infection

List of top 10 hard drive recovery software

Here we list the top 10 hard drive recovery software for you. You can choose the one best suited to your needs.

  1. RecoveryMaster(Windows and Mac)

RecoveryMaster is a professional data recovery software that allows you to recover deleted files from a disk, formatted disk, lost partition or the disk become RAW. It can retrieve any lost files such as photos, videos, music, document, emails and more. It fully supports Windows 7/8/10 and MacOS 10.15-10.9.

This software enables user to recover files with a few clicks. It offers 100% security and protects your computer from virus attack.


  • Recover all types of files from various devices like SSDs, USB flash drive, SD cards
  • Applies to any data loss situations such as accidental deletion, hard drive failure, system failure, virus attack
  • Quick scanning process and high recovery quality
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Provide a free trail version
  • Filter specific file types
  1. Stellar Data Recovery(Windows and Mac)

Stellar data recovery software is one of professional hard drive recovery tool that helps recover data from various data loss situations. It enables you to recover data from lost, damaged or corrupted hard drive.

Stellar data recovery software


  • Restore lost files from all types of Windows devices
  • Recover videos, audios and photos
  • Four step recovery process
  • Support scanning a specific folder
  • Clear interface and simple recovery guide
  1. Recuva(Windows)

Recuva is a free hard drive recovery software that allows users to recover accidentally deleted files. It can recover files from computer hard drive, USB drive, SD card and more. This software supports Windows 7/8/10/XP.

Recuva data recovery software


  • Recover damaged or formatted disks
  • An integrated interface
  • Support a deep scan
  • Allow to scan a specific location
  1. Disk Drill(Windows and Mac)

Disk Drill is one of the well-known hard drive recovery software. It enables users to recover deleted, erased and lost data from hard drive. This software also provides extra function like data protection and backup drive.

Disk Drill data recovery software


  • Retrieve compressed, hidden, archived, encrypted sparse and hidden files
  • Support multiple file systems
  • Enable preview of drive and file properties
  • Organize files found by category
  1. Data Rescue(Windows and Mac)

Data Rescue is an excellent hard drive recovery software for both Windows and MacOS. It supports data recovery after deletion, format, partition lost. Users can recover lost photos, videos, documents from SD cards, CF card and FireWire drives.

Data Rescue


  • Allow to preview files before recovery
  • Support recovery of data from HTFS-based Boot Camp partitions
  • Help to locate files by filtering or searching
  • Enable raw data recovery
  1. Wise Data Recovery(Windows)

Wise Data Recovery is a free hard drive software that allows users to recover deleted, formatted or lost data. Users can get data back from hard drive, external drive,  Memory Card or USB flash drive Data Recovery. It supports Windows 8/10/XP.

Wise Data-Recovery


  • Enable preview of files before recovery
  • Filter files by category
  • Recover various file formats and file types
  • Quick scanning speed
  1. R-Studio

  • R-Studio is a powerful hard drive recovery tool that supports internal, external hard drives and network disks. It performs well in all kinds of data loss scenarios.


  • Enables the data recovery from various data loss situations
  • Support multiple file systems
  • Recover data from formatted, deleted or damaged hard drive
  • Support to specify the scan area
  1. EaseUS Data Reovery Wizard(Windows and Mac)

EaseUS Data Recovery is another well-rated data recovery software. It can recover lost, formatted or deleted data from local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card and digital camera. It supports both Windows and Mac OS.



  • Recover data from different data loss situations
  • Restore files, photos, documents, videos, etc.
  • Supports FAT, NTFS, exFAT, NTFS5 file system
  • Quick scan and deep scan
  1. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete enables users to recover files from internal hard drives and external storage media including external hard drives, USB flash drive, SD Cards Recovery and more.

glary undelete


  • Recover compressed, fragmented and encrypted files on NTFS partitions
  • Filter files by category
  • Analyze recovery possibilities
  • Sort out result by name, size and date
  1. PhotoRec(Mac)

PhotoRec is a free hard drive recovery software that restores any lost data or files form Mac computer or any other storage devices.



Factors to Consider While Choosing Hard Drive Recovery Software

When selecting the hard drive recovery software, you can consider the following factors.

  • Security- The hard drive recovery software should be absolutely secure. You don’t want to install a software infected with malware.
  • Ease of use- It should allow you to recover data with a few clicks. The best hard drive recovery software should be suitable for beginners. No expertise is required.
  • Operating system supported- You should select a software that supports your operating system.
  • Price- It would be better if the software provides a free trial version for you to test out. Thus, your money won’t go to waste.


When facing with data loss, you first need to stop using the hard drive. As long as your lost files are not overwritten, you can use one of the top 10 hard drive recovery software to have a try but the success rate varies.



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