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Which is the best data recovery software for Mac?

Updated on 07 28, 2020 | Tutorials

There are few things quite as helpless as rescuing a file from a Mac, PC or external drive. Maybe it’s an important file or precious photo that suddenly can’t be found in its folder, or you accidentally delete it by pressing wrong shortcut. Whatever the case, you’ll do anything to get it back. Just relax, a data recovery software for Mac can help recover deleted or lost files easily.

However, there are many data recovery software available online. They provide different features and recovery capabilities. Some of them are free of charge while others are paid application. You may wonder which is the best recovery software for Mac and how to spot the best one.

Spot the Best Date Recovery Software for Mac

It can be a challenge to select the best data recovery software for Mac since there are lots of options available. To assist you in making right decision, here are some important factors you need to consider.

  • Operating system supported: As you can see, there have been some pretty substantial changes in recent version of MacOs, while many Mac data recovery software developers have not update their software to support the latest version of MacOS. Thus, you need to make sure that the software is compatible with your operating system.
  • File System supported: Mac users need to select a data recovery software that supports different file systems including APFS, HFS+, HFS X, FAT, exFAT. That’s because Mac users typically format disks and volumes using these file systems.
  • File format: No data recovery software can support every file format. You’d better choose a software that can restore virtually any file formats you are likely to come across, rather than choosing one that can restore only a few commonly used file formats.
  • Storage device: An excellent data recovery software should enable users to recover data from various storage devices such as hard drive, external hard disk, USB drive, laptop, camera, memory card and much more.
  • Performance: While all data recovery software for Mac can recovery deleted data, some provide extra features such as quick scanning speed, preview deleted files, recover data from corrupted, formatted device or lost partitions.
  • Ease of use: The best data recovery software should allows users to recover data in simple steps. No expertise is required. Thus, both beginners and professionals can use it easily.
  • Price: There is no doubt that price is one of the main factors in choice of data recovery software. It’s definitely no true that more expensive software are always better than those that are cheaper or free. But what’s especially attractive is that some paid applications allow you to preview deleted files and recover unlimited data but charge you once for a lifetime license.
  • Security: You need to choose a data recovery software that is secure and can protect your computer from virus attack. After all, you won’t download a software that’s infected with virus and malware.

If you take the above mentioned factors into account when selecting data recovery software, you can spot the best solution and recover your data in no time.

The Best Data Recovery Software for Mac- RecoveryMaster

RecoveryMaster provides users with intuitive and user-friendly interface, which simplifies the recovery process. It fully supports MacOS 10.15-10.9. Mac users can get back data from different file systems including APFS, HFS+, HFS X, NTFS,FAT, ex-FAT. Moreover, It enables users to recover data from various storage devices like hard drive, external hard disk, USB drive, fusion drive, laptop, camera, memory card and more. This software can recover all types of files in a variety of formats.

With a few clicks, you can recover deleted, lost or formatted data from Mac. The first step is to select the disk where you have lost data and click Loss Scan to continue. The second step is to select and preview the deleted data. Finally, click on Recover button to get your data back and save them to a new location.

With advanced algorithms, Data Recovery Master can perform scanning process in a few seconds. Users can pause, save and resume scans during scanning process. Besides that, it allows users to preview deleted files before recovery. This software doesn’t require professional knowledge. Just download and perform data recovery process. It also provides a free trial version for users to test how it works. If you want to recover unlimited data, you can chose the right plan and activate the software.

Mac recovery software

Above all, RecoveryMaster is absolutely secure and can protects your computer from virus attack. You can use this data recovery software for Mac without any worries. It accesses your data through Read Only and protects your data from secondary damage.


Data loss happens frequently even if you take every precaution to avoid it. It can cause financial problems and emotional heartache. Luckily, a data recovery software like RecoveryMaster comes in handy. By delivering professional results with simple steps, RecoveryMaster stands out from the competition and establish itself as the best data recovery software for Mac.

Warm Reminder: If you need to recover files on Windows computers, please download Windows recovery software free



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